What Will #TNM The New Movement Inc. Even Do For Me? 
Our company is a nonprofit for musicians. However one must be invited to apply and become a member.
We offer real time one on one Music Career Consulting and Educational Guidance about the business and legal aspects of the industry. We teach artists to become a business and how to create several revenue streams to set themselves apart from the current industry saturation.
We also provide limited legal aid and contract creation for artists ( both doing this for them and teaching them to do it properly for themselves.
Membership to #TNM also includes management, which is not under a contract and does not require a percentage cut of the artists income.
We have a sister company connected to our nonprofit (#TNM Small Guy Records Inc.) which offers those who are #TNM members publishing, licensing and many other services. Our publishing provides 90 to 95% royalties to artists. This is simply unheard of any where in the world.

Management Pricing
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