frequently asked questions (faqs)

Q0:  What do you guys do?
A0:  We book artists on celebrity shows. Basically "Artist Development".   We do what the labels don't!

Q1:  What is the Artist Development Program?
A1:  We book artists XXL feature, two(2) indie shows monthly, SXSW & A3C festival show and one(1) free all expenses celebrity show at the end of the year.

Q2:  What are the auditions all about?
A2:  We sponsor artists on celebrity shows for for a small fee. Winner receives all paid expenses once a month.  Free flight, hotel, and show.

Q3:  How do I get booked on show?
A3:  Register with the agency, fill out three(3) sentence form, and sign the term agreements, and pay the fee.

Q4:  Has any your artist you worked with got a deal?
A4:  Yes, Vee The Rula signed to Alumni/Kid Ink, Juicy Badass signed to Lil Boosie, Heerbz Street signed to Snoop Dog.

Q5:  Where are you based?
A5:  We are Internet based and have agents in 5 markets  USA, UK and Japan.

Q6:  How long you been in business?
A6:  Since 2011.  Our first booking was for Lil Wayne in Hawaii.

Q7:  Is anything free?
A7:  No....  Well we give away shows that artist misses flight or does no-shows.

Q8:  Do you set up tours for artists?
A8:  Yes,  We do have artists with budgets from sponsors, investors, and labels which we do small tour runs.  [5-10 dates average]

Q9:  Which music genure so you book for shows and tours
A9:  We mainly book Hip Hop artists and maybe 10 shows for EDM and RB.

Q10:  Do you help artists build a fanbase?
A10:  Yes, We have had a proven formula to build artist fanbase by marketing promtions, and performing on live shows.

Q11:  Do you book artist on festivals?
A11:  Yes, A3C 420 Rallies, and SXSW are the common festivals we book.

Q12:  Do you book signed celebrity artists?
A12:  Yes, not often maybe ten(10) annual.

Q13:  Do you book unsigned artists?
A13:  Yes, about 250 artists annual.

Q14:  Do you provide other services?
A15:  Yes, Radio promotions, interviews, XXL, Hip Hop Weekly magazine inserts.

Q15:  Do you provide hotel, transportation, flights?
A15:  Yes and No..  Auditions winners received comped expenses.  Normal bookings are at your own expense.  We can assist with flight, hotel bookings.

Q16:  Do we get paid?
A16:  Yes if you have a fan base, buzz and can provide proof.

Q17:  How many artist contact you?
A17:  Average 100 daily, We have about 40k artist in our database from Facebook and email.

Q18:  Do you have a email blast?
A18:  Yes, we send weekly email blast.  You can sign up and online.

Q19:  Why is the mobile site differ than the main website?
A19:  90% of our users navigate with there mobile phone, so most efforts are to update the mobile site.  The main website is a landing page.

Q20:  Do you book international gigs?
A20:  Yes, annually we normal book shows in UK, Dubai, and Japan.

Q21:  Do you help with passports and work visas?
A21:  Yes we have an department that handle all international paperwork.

Q22:  Do you use contracts?
A22:  Yes, we have contracts if requested.  Most artist us paypal or square for e-transactions.

Q23:  Do you any requirements?
A23:  Register and Sign "Code of Conduct"

Q24:  How much does it cost to get booked?
A24:  We can't answer that with out A&Ring the talent.  We don't know you until you send us your package.

Q25:  What are the business hours?
A25:  M, T, W, R, Fri 8-6 PST.

Q26:  How many agents are on the team?
A26:  We have a team of 5 agents.

Q27:  How long does my registration last?
A27:  Registration is a one(1) time fee.  Valid Lifetime; if you annually book one(1) audition or one(1) show.

Q28:  After I register, how long will take for an agent to get back to me?
A28:  With in 48 hours max.

Q29:  What is the registration use for?
A29:  Registration is used to pitch promoters, managers, djs, venues, celebrity agencies your package.

Q30:  How are booking decisions made?
A30:  Promoters, managers, venues owners, celebrity agencies review your package and we get you approved to perform on shows.

Q31:  How are booking decisions made?
A31:  Promoters, managers, venues owners, celebrity agencies review your package and we get you approved to perform on shows.

Q32:  If you lose an auditions can you still buy out a show?
A32:  Yes, There are times when artist do not win the auditions and sometimes there is still performance slots on shows.

Q33:  During auditions, Will singers be up against singers in auditions or singers and rappers?
A33:  Yes, good talent is good talent win or lose.  We dont have enough RB inquires to seperate auditions catagories.

Q34:  What all comes with the buyout of a show?
A34:  When buyin a show, sometimes the promoter will issue tickets to sell if local talent.  We also promote the talent on social media.

Q35:  Do you book artists on Live Nation and AEG shows?
A35:  Yes, We are grateful that some of our artists have been approved to perform on those stages.

Q36: Is there and age limit to perform?
A36:  No, some shows are all ages.  We have artist at young as 15 performing for us.

Q37:  Do you manage artists?
A37:  No and Yes....  Primarily just booking but one of of agents has a management company.

Q38:  What is your refund policy?
A38:  If a promoter decides to cancel a show; a full refund is granted for the show booking only.  You have the option to be moved to another show of interest.  We can grant a credit toward another show.  We are not responsible for flights, hotels, rental cars.

Q39:  What is your registration refund policy?
A39:  Once an agent provides booking consultation or pitches you for a show; a refund is voided.

Q40:  What happens if the shows gets post-ponded?
A40:  You may either stay booked on the show or granted a refund after the 2 months of the original show booking.

Q41:  How long will my refund take to process?
A41:  We request 20 days to work details with the promoter for other optional shows.  In most cases 50% refunded within 24 hours in good faith.

Q42:  How often to you book dj's?
A42:  We book are 30 dj's gig annual.

Q43:  Have you had a DJ get signed?
Q43:  Not signed, but we had a USA dj perform
a few shows in Brazil 2016 with an Indie UK artist and in 2017 that experience granted him as official tour dj for Azelia Banks!   
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